San Ramon (’79)

A proper subtitle for this entry might be “A Missed Opportunity.”

Like the Solomon Grundy/Paint Man composite, this one is rare. The San Ramon composite shows up in a few composite compilations, and it is hard to find elsewhere:

San Ramon 1979.png

Context and Validity: One known attack occurred in San Ramon: victim #40 on 10/28/78. Although the composite is dated 1979, that may be when the composite was made when the victim gave this description of a suspicious man in a car.

According to Archangel, the person depicted in the sketch was later identified and cleared. Further confirmation came from a board member who provided more details from a police report: the man was driving a car in the neighborhood, looking at for-sale homes; his alibi was supported by his wife and his mother. So, this composite seems safe to dismiss.

The “missed opportunity” for a more worthwhile composite involved a different sighting in San Ramon. On November 1, 1978 (days after the only San Ramon attack), a woman saw a suspicious man in her backyard as he jumped over a six-foot fence onto the property. He was 5’10”, 160 pounds, with hazel eyes. He was sandy-haired, “well groomed,” and “very muscular in the arms and shoulders.” As he walked toward the patio, the woman’s “attack-trained” dog hit the screen door so hard it almost broke through it. The prowler was not rattled by this: “There was no response from this fellow. He didn’t flex a muscle, didn’t walk a step faster.” When she asked what he was doing, he replied in a “phony” voice that was deep and disguised: “Just passing through.” He left.

Although she reported this to the police, no composite was ever developed of this prowler.

Nicknames: San Ramon; Toyota Driver



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