Point Reyes Way (10/1/77)

The composite known as “Bill Mumy” is one of the more popular renderings, probably because he looks so nefarious–the narrow eyes (even narrower in the enhancement), the elongated chin, the thin lips. It’s how you want EAR to look, which is not a logical reason for giving it more weight than any other composite. But here we are.

Mumy comp

Context: This composite is associated with victim #24 in the La Riviera area on October 1, 1977. A man in the neighborhood saw him leaving the area after the attack.

Validity: In Hunting a Psychopath, Richard Shelby provides two stories that seem to support this composite. The first story involves a stalker: a witness contacted Michelle McNamara, telling her that this composite strongly resembled the stalker; notable differences included hair parted on the opposite side, a less elongated jaw, and a “rough/reddish complexion with some possible acne scarring.” The second story, also from McNamara, involves a jogger: an FBI agent saw a jogger with a somewhat similar description (plus a mustache) who was unknown to him–unknown and unusual enough to warrant a report.

When comparing composites, some have noted a resemblance to one of the Maggiore suspects, which is interesting when you consider that Shelby’s chapter on attack #24 is titled “An Accomplice?” Readers may recall that the victims heard a series of sounds while EAR was still in the house: a honking car horn, multiple doorbell rings, a knock on a window, and muffled voices.

The enhancement by AETV user icyu2 is interesting.

Mumy enhanced

It depicts blonde-brown hair in the back and brown hair in the front. In addition to describing him between 5’8″-5′”11, the composite info available notes “Blnd.”

Nicknames: Bill Mumy; Point Reyes Way


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