Bowie (March ’77)

Conflicting information on Bowie, it seems.

Bowie 1977

Context: In March or May of 1977, the man noted as “Bowie” was seen prowling near Eastwood Road, which is close to Knollwood Court and Thornwood Drive.

If the Bowie sighting occurred in March, then it is most likely attached to Victim #14 (3/8/77). In the Vehicle section of the SCSD memo, it states: “Still outstanding is a 1952 or 1953 Ford or Chevrolet, bright yellow step-side pickup. This vehicle was seen on Knollwood each day for three days prior to the rape on Thornwood.”

From Shelby’s Hunting a Psychopath (HAP), neighbors noted this about the truck and its driver: “They saw this pickup at the same location several nights in a row. Each time they saw the driver, he was walking towards the back of their neighbor’s yard where they assumed he was going to visit.”

Readers of HAP might also recall that it was near this location that other neighbors found a “cloth bag hidden inside their hedge.” The bag contained a ski mask, a pair of gloves, and a flashlight. EAR stored his supplies near prowl/attack sites–a smart move to separate his gear from his person if he were ever caught while prowling. When the neighbors had contacted police about the bag weeks earlier, they were told to throw it away.

Validity: This is of a suspicious person, as are nearly all of the composites. It is worth noting that different dates have been given for Bowie. In Archangel’s original post, the date is May; in composite compilations, the date is given as March 3.

Nicknames: David Bowie; Eastwood Road





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