French Prince of College View Way (1/28/78)

From a College View Way sighting on 1/28/1978.

French Prince

This was a suspicious person on a bicycle on College View Way, near American River College. He was noted as being in his early 20’s (possibly as young as 18), wearing a maroon or purple windbreaker with Levis.

Context: On this date, victims #29 and #30 were attacked near American River College at 10:30 p.m. EAR smashed through the front door and assaulted two teenage sisters. His previous attack was on 12/2/77, which was aborted due to noisy teens outside. After that failed attempt, December and January were communicative months from EAR, with threatening phone calls and the mailing of the “Excitement’s Crave” poem. This may have been a particularly frustrated EAR who abandoned his silent tactics to bust through a door so loudly as to wake one of the victims.

Validity: This composite tends to be the subject of mockery among forum members. He has been dubbed “Little Lord Fauntleroy,” and I join the mockery with my nickname for him. Indeed, the composite does not really convey “menacing.” However, the description estimated his size around 6 feet, 150-160 pounds. We may be underestimating the reality behind the composite. As ever, though, it is evidence of a suspicious person, not a direct sighting of EAR.

Nicknames: French Prince of College View Way; Little Lord Fauntleroy


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