South Sacramento (1978)

According to Archangel, this composite is of a rape suspect in South Sacramento in July 1978. The attack happened in an apartment, and he was not wearing a mask–-that second detail in particular makes this an unlikely EAR crime.

According to Richard Shelby, this comes from “an EAR assault that occurred sometime in 1978 in Sacramento.” Shelby admits that it may not be an EAR attack, but it has enough similarities to merit consideration.

Glad that’s cleared up…?


Context and Validity: If Bolton were attached to a June 1978 attack and not a July 1978 attack, I would wonder if he had committed the 6/28/78 attack that had been judged a copycat. According to another Archangel post, however, the July attack “had none of the EAR’s M.O.” A 3/29/1978 attack was also taken off the official list, judged a copycat. A 1/31/77 attack had also been ruled a copycat, with William Paul Boren being arrested for it a short time later. EAR was one of many rapists active at the time. With the amount of public information about EAR’s MO by mid-1978, it would make sense to retain composites like this one in EAR’s file.

It seems likely that both Archangel and Shelby are discussing the same composite with the same attack, but they have different details for it.

It is tempting to dismiss this composite as hopelessly muddled because of the conflicting information, but the composite will turn up again when it so strongly resembles a younger version of the THS Investigates age progression.

Nicknames: Michael Bolton; Possible South Sac Rapist


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