Bourbon Drive (’76)

This composite of a possible EAR suspect was created on November 8, 1976. The date of the sighting–and the circumstances of it–are unknown. The man was seen near Bourbon Drive in the Del Campo area.

Created Nov 8 1976

Context: The first official EAR attack occurred on June 18, 1976. By the time this composite was created, there were 8 victims. Before that, EAR possibly attempted and aborted an attack on April 15, 1976, in the La Riviera Drive area. Between June and November 8, there had been an increasing number of prowling and burglary incidents of EAR victims and their neighbors.

The first EAR news article was published on November 4, 1976.

Nov 4 1976

Validity: Although not much is known about the composite’s origins, the above context shows that there were numerous opportunities to see a suspicious man who may have been EAR. The man depicted in this composite was seen near Bourbon Drive, a short distance from both Attack #4 (August) and Attack #10 (December).

Nicknames: Bourbon Drive; Evil David Cassidy

NOTE: An enhancement  was made of this composite by AETV user icyu2. However, unlike the other enhancements, I question how accurately it depicts the original, which has thinner cheeks and spikier hair. I realize this is a mostly pointless quibble decades later, so I will post the enhancement below.

1976 enhanced






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