Primrose Man (1/22/77)

A suspicious man seen near Primrose Drive in Citrus Heights. January 22, 1977.

Jan 22 1977

Context: Victim #12 was struck on January 24, near Primrose and Farmgate Way. The next victim in the Birdcage area of Citrus Heights would be #20 in May.

In Shelby’s Hunting a Psychopath, he describes a sighting that is most likely the source of this composite. Two days before the January 24 attack, a woman saw a suspicious man, resulting in a “detailed composite” that was “passed around the entire country.”

“About 12: 30 A.M., she saw a man walking very quickly and quietly across the front yards of her neighbors’ houses while staying close to the shrubbery. [….] This man, who was walking across her neighbors’ front yards, stopped and looked straight at her. He was standing no more than twenty feet away. No emotion of any kind showed on his face. [….] According to the description provided by this woman, the man she saw was a white male, 30 to 40, weighing about 175 and standing 6 ft. tall. He had a square face and dark curly hair. He wore a hip-length jacket of medium-brown color and dark pants” (HAP, Ch. 25).

Validity: As with nearly every EAR composite, this is just a suspicious person. There’s been no reason to rule it out or to lend it any particular weight.

Nicknames: Elf Ears; Primrose Man


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