Elvis (May ’77)

The “Elvis” composite comes from neighbors of Attack #22.

Elvis 1977

Context: Attack #22 occurred on 5/28/77. The neighbors had been burglarized two weeks before. At the time of the sighting (which is unclear), the neighbors did not speak to “Elvis,” who was standing on the porch. The neighbors disagreed on hair color: the husband said it was brown; the wife said it was more blonde. On the night of the attack, another neighbor saw a similar man knocking on a door. Door-to-door salesmen had been in the area.

On 5/28/77, Sacramento Police were called out to a gas station after this graffiti had been spotted in a men’s restroom stall: “This is a fucked part of town. Next month I start here. EAR.” The gas station was only a mile from Attack #32 and less than 10 miles from Attack #22. If the graffiti had been written by EAR, he was declaring a new attack area: South Sacramento.

Validity: As with nearly every other composite, this is evidence of a suspicious person. It was not a direct sighting by a victim.

Nicknames: Elvis; Sky Parkway


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