Open Mask (3/18/77)

The only known sighting of EAR’s face occurred on 3/18/77 (Victim #15).

Context: This attack took place near Malaga Way and Benny Way in the Cordova Gardens area of Rancho Cordova. EAR wore a dark green mask that came down to his chin, with “the whole center of the mask … cut out to reveal the suspect’s nose, eyes and mouth. The chin was covered” (LE report via forum member). From Shelby’s description of what the victim saw: “A man with wide eyes and a wide mouth wearing a ski mask. This is exactly what she saw when she looked at him. Nothing identifying at all. […] She said he had a young round face, putting his age in the late teens to early 20’s.”

Validity: As reliable as an eyewitness description can be under stress, this is the best and only look at EAR’s face. He would never do this with a victim again.

Nicknames: Open Mask; Benny Way


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