Ripon Court (2/16/77)

On 2/16/77, Ray and Rodney Miller (age 18) returned home around 10:30 p.m. to find a prowler in the backyard. The prowler jumped a fence, with Rodney close behind. As Rodney reached the top of the fence, he was shot in the abdomen. This composite (“Ripon Shooter”) comes from that encounter, which occurred on Ripon Court in the Glenbrook/La Riviera area.

RM Shooter1

A second composite was created of a suspicious young man (“Ripon Prowler”) seen in the area that night.

RM Shooter2

Context: This occurred between Victim #13 and #14. Victim #13 was attacked on 2/7/77 in the Del Campo area. EAR’s next attack would be 3/8/77 in the Thornwood area. If the prowler had been EAR, he last struck in the La Riviera area on 1/19/77 (Victim #11), and he would not definitively return to the La Riviera area until 5/3/77 (Victim #18), striking to the north of where this shooting occurred.

Validity: Although there’s no evidence that this was EAR, the man who shot Rodney was clearly more than a “suspicious man in the area,” which is the context of so many other composites. The composites were created with input from Rodney and four young women in the area that night. It’s possible that they are of the same man.

Nicknames: Ripon Shooter; Ripon Prowler / Suspicious Male Model

Update: The June 2016 press conference presented three composites to the public. One of them was the “Ripon Prowler” (not the “Shooter”). This part is complete speculation on my part: the Ripon Prowler was chosen because he was likely seen under more calm conditions by more witnesses; the Prowler and the Shooter are the same man.

2018 Update:


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