Stockton Sketches (9/6/77)

On this date, a 6-year-old girl woke in the night to use the bathroom. EAR was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. This is what she saw:

He was wearing a purple t-shirt, a brown ski mask, black knit mittens, a belt that held a sword (or hunting knife, possibly) and a gun in a holster. He also wore a watch and no pants.

Under hypnosis, the girl recalled a few more details: a tattoo that resembled the Schlitz Malt Liquor bull on his left forearm; a belt buckle with two revolvers on it, their barrels crossed; and a large black ring on his right hand. A close-up of the ring and the belt buckle:


Context: The girl was unharmed. EAR said he was playing tricks with her mom and dad. She didn’t understand what he was saying, so she went to the bathroom and then back to bed.

With the exception of the sighting by a child, the attack on the parents resembled other EAR attacks.

Validity: By just about any measure, this was an EAR attack. In Crompton’s Sudden Terror and Shelby’s Hunting a Psychopath, the girl was described as “real sharp” and “astute,” which should add some credibility to what the young girl saw. Apparently, only some of the details came from hypnosis, so if some feel skepticism toward that technique, it would apply to only part of the description.


One thought on “Stockton Sketches (9/6/77)”

  1. Crossed revolvers is a military symbol of Military Police. I wonder if anyone has looked into this? Many of, especially his first attacks were close to airforce bases in Sacramento.


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