The Mask (7/5/79)

On 7/5/79 in Danville, EAR stood in a couple’s bedroom. As EAR was putting on his mask, the husband woke up and confronted the intruder by screaming obscenities. In perhaps the best demonstration of EAR’s toughness when a male victim is unbound, the EAR did nothing as the wife and husband bolted out a rear sliding glass door.

These sketches have been associated with that incident.

Danville 1979

Dville outfit

Context: EAR’s previous attack (6/25/79) was in Walnut Creek. Before that, an attack in Danville (6/11/79). This aborted July 5th attack would be followed by another unsuccessful attack on 10/1/79.

Validity: Some have questioned whether this was an EAR attack or whether it even happened at all. However, the dominant view is that it was an EAR incident.


The East Area Rapist’s first known attack happened 40 years ago today: June 18, 1976.

This is most likely the final entry of the canonical composites. I may add some new material on other pages and update existing material, so this blog won’t fall completely silent. At this point, I believe I have catalogued the most common composites that have circulated. (I’ve seen a few that I have no plans on adding without more information–they are rare and little is known about them).

How fitting, then, to end the canonical composites with EAR wearing a mask. May it soon be torn away to reveal the vile man responsible. As we all know, the FBI has called on the public’s help to catch him. The story is international, and visitor numbers to this blog spiked after the FBI’s announcement. I hope that one day an update to this page can be made with his real face. Until that day–and on that day–my thoughts will be with the victims and their families.


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