The blog is intended to sort and contextualize the composites of The East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker.

I am not affiliated with law enforcement and have no inside information about the case. This site has no affiliation with law enforcement.

I am a participant of three discussion boards listed below, and I attained all of this information from public sources. I did my best to be accurate with what was available.

At times, I will give specific sources for the information. Some sources are so influential, though, that it would be clunky to cite them as often as deserved. It’s safe to say that much of this information wouldn’t be available without Archangel and Portofleith. Archangel’s AETV forum posts and his website (ear-ons) were crucial. Portofleith’s posts on the ear/ons/gsk forum were also very informative. Arch and Port created compilations of composites. I’m 99% certain that Port took the screenshots of the “age progression” sequence I used in┬áthe Bolton entry. A forum moderator┬ánamed truthandsoul found the various newspaper reprints of the Surfer Dude composite.

As for an initiation into the EAR/ONS case, you won’t find it here. It’s unlikely that anyone would stumble onto this site without already knowing about EAR/ONS. So, I won’t replicate a lot of readily available information. There are plenty of great options for that below.

Please do not contact me about suspects or about sensitive information regarding the case. If you have information about a suspect or information about the case, please contact the FBI.



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