Fake Composites/Images

In addition to providing context for many of the EAR composites, it may be helpful to identify other EAR-related images that are floating out there.

Consider the composites in three categories:

  1. Canonical (the front page posts of suspicious men, typically associated with EAR)
  2. Connected (suspects of unrelated crimes, no solid connection, yet the suspects and images circulate with EAR)
  3. Fake or Creative (not generated from an official suspect or crime, but created for some other purpose)

Not many “fake” images exist. One, however, has circulated and has been mistaken for a genuine composite.

Ripon & Half Mask Overlay

In a November 20, 2014 post on the EAR/ONS/GSK board, user northernjustice (NJ) created this image to illustrate the similar features of the Ripon Court composite and the Half Mask composite:


NJ wrote, “I went ahead and superimposed the Rod Miller composite onto the open mask composite and put them side by side. As you can see, the faces are almost identical, down to the shading. The only significant difference is the raised eyebrows and open mouth.”

Quester’s early draft of a Composite page discussed this image as an official LE composite–an easy mistake to make, given how easily these images circulate without context. The error, which has since been corrected, speaks to how this image is already circulating beyond its original context. It also speaks to the effective, persuasive image editing done by NJ.

Digital Ski Mask

No one has ever mistaken this for an official LE composite, but some have wondered about its origins.

Digital Ski Mask

Most probably associate it with the “Kill You” phone recording from the ear-ons site. That site seems to be the image’s point of origin–TinEye put it there earlier than any other location. If so, Archangel (the site creator) was likely responsible in some way.